Best Community Service In India

8 October 2018

Best Community Service In India - Gajera Trust

In this era, where more and more people run after the glittery world of corporates, we witness a conflicting world with a vision to work for the wellness of the society. Doing something for the betterment of the society can be done through different ways, but the purpose always remains the same i.e impacting lives of people directly or indirectly.

Ideally, the government is to be held responsible for the legal and constitutional matters. Now whether the Indian government can be held responsible for looking into other aspects is a question. Who, then, should take care of the concerns that arise out of empathy and social responsibilities? Compassion performs actions which, usually, are beyond constitutional matters but the good thing is that the constitution does pay due respect to them and aids them within its own vista.

Our country is choked with a number of NGOs and identifying the credible ones is really a tough task. Amongst all, Gajera Trust is one of the best community service provider in India.

To support the society with positive transformational initiatives, a foundation named after Smt. Shantaben Haribhai Gajera Charitable Trust was lead on 15 January 1993 in loving memory of a mother to five brothers of Gajera family.

Gajera Trust is a Non-Government organization or let’s say a non-profit organization that is aimed towards creating a better world for all humans with no distinction made between caste, creed, religion, gender or societal status.

Gajera Trust have been instrumental in bringing about many reforms in India which have still kept humanity alive. As a service, Gajera Trust offers 3 vital care listed below:

       - Education Service
       - Healthcare Service and
       - Community Service

The Trust focuses on alleviating poverty and social injustice. They do this through well planned and comprehensive projects in health, education, livelihoods and disaster preparedness and response. Their overall goal is the empowerment of young lives from poor and marginalized communities leading to improvement in their lives and livelihoods.

Apart from educating the young lives of the society, Gajera Trust focuses on organizing free health camps around the rural areas by offering free medical checkups, providing medicines & many more.

The main aim towards the establishment India No. 1 Community Service Provider is to serve people in remote, rural communities who have limited or no access to health service providers.

The NGO has continued to introduce innovative strategies and technologies throughout its development including the latest mobile health technology and electronic medical records as well as financial and marketing innovations in an attempt to reach the one million plus young lives i.e. students & educate them anyway.

They use various methods to reach their goal like disease control, resolve conflicts, trying to make changes in the existing norms & solve poverty and treat high-risk individuals. The organization have taken impressive steps to help the community aided issues & sort them out effectively.

Gajera Trust have undertaken various campaigns & looking forward for many more. Thus, beyond any questions, Gajera Trust offers one of the best Community Service in India.

Health Check-Up Camp Lead By Gajera Trust & Laxmi Diamond Pvt. Ltd

1 October 2018

In continuation of human endeavor, Gajera Trust in collaboration with Laxmi Diamond Pvt. Ltd organized a medical camp at Sutharpada village in Valsad district of Gujarat state. The camp was held on 19th August 2018, Sunday.

The medical camp was set up with a sole objective to bring awareness amongst the deprived population of the Sutharpada village who do not have any access to basic healthcare services or knowledge about the diseases they might be suffering from.

Moreover, during the camp it was made sure that people at Sutharpada village get required healthcare at the right time with the doctors’ consult before a small health issue turns serious.


The health camp was lead by some of the best health professionals including medical specialists, consultants, nurses and volunteers.  Overall physical examinations including eye and health check-up, proper functioning of vital organs like the heart, lungs, digestive system, liver, kidneys and the immune system were done efficiently by the team. The camp was proved to be very helpful for the poor population who earn a meager income and cannot afford extravagant medical services provided by clinics and hospitals.


 To serve the camp as a life-saving program which aimed to provide free medical and surgical services to destitute communities living in agrarian or urban areas by our team of healthcare professionals as a medical mobile team with specialized medical service.

 To drive the medical camp with the strong ethics of medicine as our moral responsibility and obligation to treat each patient disregarding their incomes, race or social status.

 The most vital objective of the health camp was to provide initial care to people in life-threatening conditions which reflected the unique strengths and goals of medical ethics.

Apart from the above ethical objectives, few other objectives that lead the campaign in a successful manner are listed below:

Providing free and high-quality medical services to the needy population.
Working as an emergency mobile team in disasters.
Raising health awareness among the community and teaching them to deal with communicable and non-communicable diseases.
Undertaking subtle and severe cases and referring them to specialized health centers.
Appraising their living conditions and determining the difficulties and challenges to work on solving their problems.
Referring medical cases towards surgeries if required.


 Apparently, we surely need to improve our healthcare system being defeated, where cost is reaching its own sky as the needy are unable to afford the health care they truly deserve.

 Proper medical care is a right of every human which should be made available to everyone including people living in rural or urban areas.

 Not only literates, let every human on the earth have the right to get informed about the truth of various diseases and its treatments in order to keep them aware of their own health.

 Let us all doctors together take a pledge to serve each patient with equal care and evenly support to all, irrespective of their background and income.

We, at Gajera Trust, will keep on serving humanity by taking care of the sick and the needy by providing education and support in all the way we can.