Let us begin with head, heart and gut. Head is the sphere of intelligence.Heart has the pump for the emotions.Gut blooms to the lotus; it also create the butterflies!

The harmony of this three (Head, heart and gut) create the human!

Bringing the humaneness in children, then is the, plus goal of education.

It is possible when we focus on emotional intelligence.

Splitting into components of intelligence, we have:

a) Acquisition , retention and use of knowledge

b) Identifying the problems in the environment that need to be addressed

c) Coming up with useful solutions to the problems

 Emotional intelligence refers to an ability to recognize the meanings of emotions and their relationships.

Emotions are expressed through communication and behavior. It decides the core of relationships and how decisions and actions are materialized.

The key elements of emotional intelligence that Daniel Goleman (American Psychologist who popularized the concept of emotional intelligence) identified are
 (a) Self-awareness
 (b) Self-regulation
 (c) Motivation
 (d) Empathy
 (e) Social skills
Let us put it in first person singular
I am confident and courageous –Confidence and courage allows to position in living. Being aware of oneself, one’s environment and regulating the needs and desires in conjunction with environment, make the person confident and courageous.

I am caring and helpful – It’s an organic growth in the behavior towards the community living. Being motivated to pursue the goals, feeling empathy to the fellow brethren and identifying with the collective wisdom of society, one becomes more caring and helpful.

Moving away from apathy and antipathy to the core of empathy and sympathy matures the emotional intelligence –

Observe the behavior and body language at different situations; be aware of the surge. Let the aversions and anger give way to love and kindness. There is a pattern of emotions that one may develop to situations: consciously, one need to attack the emotions and refine it.

“Learning from failures and listening to differing voices take one to the shores of the quietness of the heart.”