Sunita’s Makerspace, Initiated as an extension to enhance the current education system, is a place to explore, experiment, and implement new ideas and imaginations.

On 18 April 2015, Creative and strategic Director of the Trust, Ms. Kinjal Gajera, with a team of Gajera Vidhyabhavan launched the first Sunita’s Makerspace at Vatsalyadham; with a purpose to impart life-supporting skills to the thriving children at the school.

At Sunita’s Makerspace, the mundane teaching ends and the excitement of learning begins. It’s a creative place for the children that enables them to discover passion in an encouraging 

environment. Hence, the Trust expanded the concept by starting other branches at Katargam, Utran, Pal and Laxmi Vidhyapeeth, Sarigam.

Gajera Trust is planning to open such spaces in other institutions shortly. The peer-to-peer learning experience at Makerspace is one of its kind, developing skills in each participant to become a future mentor. The Trust invites the community to participate actively and learn with these young makers, developing each participant to become future mentors.

At Sunita’s Makerspace the curious young minds get opportunities to flourish in 16 diverse fields of their interest.

Dance | Photography | Social | Eco
Drama | Sports | Music | Technology | Language | Science
Event Management | Business | Maths | Art | Craft | Public Speaking


Sustainable Maker's Day

Sustainable Maker’s Day is a commemoration of the knowledge. young learners glean from the activities of Sunita’s Makerspace throughout the year and also the efforts they put in to make something unique and significant. The day has been observed as a loving tribute to Mrs. Sunita Chunibhai Gajera, on her birthday, on October 12th every year.

Maker’s Day is a joyous amalgamation of the four varied dimensions of Sunita’s Makerspace – Innovation, Creativity, Social, and Synergy. The joyous day honors the fruitful bond between students, their parents, and the mentors as they all mutually endeavor to create sustainable projects for the Maker’s Day!

Maker’s Day focuses to encourage “young minds” to develop a career of their choice. It provides them with the platform for ideas, innovations, plans, concepts, solutions along with peer-to-peer learning. It also heartens today’s youth to become tomorrow’s leaders. Sunita’s Makerspace helps the makers to acknowledge their hidden talents.

This day is celebrated annually where Makers, from all the clubs of Sunita’s Makerspace enthusiastically, display their projects, performances, concepts, and much more to the parents and community.