Heart to Heart With Your Mom

“A mother, who inspires her child, let us inspire and appreciate her to open her heart on this Mother’s Day ”


Mother’s Day is the time to be grateful and appreciates not just our mothers, but every single aspect of creation because if you look closely, there is not just one thing in creation without which we can exist. Every day of your life is a mother’s day, despite we celebrate this day to honor, cherish, and appreciate the unsung warrior who contributes to making our life and mostly taken for granted.

Motherhood is the best gift of God and mothers are the special person in an individual’s life. Being a mother comes with a lot of struggles, difficulties, and comprises.


On Sunday 9th May 2021, we celebrated this day by running a campaign through conducting fun activities and programs for students and mothers.

 The celebration started with a session of questionnaire round by the students with the mothers based on their childhood memories and interests. The main intention behind this exercise was to bond students with their mothers by asking questions. The questions go like; her best memory which was mostly school days, favorite dish (all-time favorite pani puri), inspiration was parents for most of the mothers, favorite hobby, games she played during her childhood days included kabaddi, Kho- Kho, marbles, clay toys, all in all, outdoor games and fun activities.

The first few years of motherhood, best memory, and hidden talent was dancing and singing as all the mothers were supremely talented to raise such enthusiastic kids, and happy place to visit for almost every mom is a hill station, biggest fear, accomplishments, etc. It involved interaction of children with her mother and to know her better. Videos, creative cards, and scrapbook were prepared by students through the campaign with their mothers and forwarded to the website.

Another campaign was to describe your mother in one word. Followed by fun facts, the journey of Mother’s day and origin, were exciting details about the celebration of this day around the world were shared on sunitasmakerspace.com. All these were for our homemakers, world changers, and life-givers because a Mother’s legacy lasts forever.

Role of a mother

A manager for the family. A mother can also take the role of a manager for the family considering the numerous dealing a mother must handle in a household.

  • Being a teacher for her child.

  • World’s best chef.

  • Household nurse.

  • Financial controller.

Another essential characteristic of a mother is the ability to manage the stress and temper of her child. Children of handle trace by morning how their mother manage emotions during stressful situations. Being a positive role model for appropriate behavior is more effective than spatial discipline.

Furthermore, like the theme of Sunita’s Makerspace says, the heart of a mother is a divinity of nature. Hence, respect the gift given by god in the form of mother and let us dedicate a day to open our heart to our life-giver, changer, and creator.

A mother is someone kind, compassionate, honest, respectful, tolerant, patient, honesty, and unconditional love.
 “Life doesn’t come with a manual; It comes with a mother..”