Mental Health And You: Tips To Take Care Of The Health Of Your Mind During The Pandemic

Self-care as a concept has not been a part of important discussions in our public spaces as well as culture for a long time. Gajera Trust strongly believes that whether it’s about physical health or mental well-being, “YOU” should be the priority. As a result, we have compiled a short checklist on ways to care for one’s mental health during the pandemic since the virus and the resulting isolation can affect the mind to a large extent.

Limit the Amount of News You Absorb: Unchecked levels of pandemic-related news can shoot up anxiety considerably. A gentle reminder is to limit the amount of time spent by the household on watching or listening to this kind of news. Pacing out your information input through additional research will lead to a more balanced and informed opinion which will lead to managing your anxiety better.

Maintain a Routine:

Maintaining a personal routine is extremely beneficial for maintaining sanity and a steady outlook. Starting your day with yoga every morning will cultivate a calm mindset. Maintaining a low-stress hobby to lift your mood is a great way to be consistent. Listening to music, watching movies, and trying to make your day productive will make you view many things in a more controlled and balanced manner.

Take A Break:
In an era when negative thoughts easily gate-crash the mind, we encourage our members to follow counting down backward from 100 to 0. This immediately forces a time buffer between any unprocessed stimulation and our reaction to it.

We also suggest that you try meditation, or simple breathing exercises during these breaks to steady the mind.

Optimizing Emotional Wellbeing When Afflicted:

For someone afflicted with COVID-19, Gajera Trust encourages you to take care of your mind as you would your body. As Covid-19 is deeply isolating since it places a number of restrictions on socializing, the ensuing loneliness can feel overwhelming. A great way of countering this is through reaching out to a friend or reading a book.

It is Okay to Seek Help:

Would you overlook physical discomfort? Not likely. So why ignore your mind? Think of your mind as one more part of your body that needs the care and attention that other parts do.

Unlike those that consider mental health a taboo, Gajera Trust acknowledges the validity of mental health and the importance of seeking help.

Gajera Trust and Mental Wellness:
The Trust cares deeply about the mental well-being of children, workers, and everyone associated with the organization. We don’t just believe in preaching about the importance of mental health but have centred this important issue around webinars directed at our students and teachers; some of which include:

a. Mental Health Awareness

b. Mental Health in Testing Times

c. Enigma of Mental Wellness

A number of negative feelings may fade when the pandemic is over. However, stressors or triggers won’t completely disappear. Gajera Trust encourages you to practise the self-care tips shared above in order to increase your ability to cope with life’s ongoing challenges even when the pandemic has abated.