In the time of crisis, when the whole world is devastated by the spread of Covid-19, Smt. Shantaben Haribhai Gajera Charitable Trust and Laxmi Diamond Pvt. Ltd. has provided aid to the ones in need through various initiatives. From the arrangement of food drives and distribution of food packets in Surat to setting up quarantine facility of 300 beds in Amreli, the trust has taken care of thousands of people in need and will continue to so to the best of our abilities. From 26/03/2020 to 30/04/2020, food packets were distributed to 1,07,263 people in a deprived locale such as Limbayat, Parvat patia, Olpad, Sayan, Lashkana, Puna gaam, Lambe Hanuman Road, Bhathena-Udhna textile labour area, Ved Road, Mota Varachha, and Valak Patia. Over 250 food kits were given to Surat Diamond Association and 1500 food kits were given to Bhathena Udhana Textile Labours by the Trust and Laxmi Diamond.

 In addition, a 300-bed quarantine facility with meal provision was set up by the Trust in Amreli to counter any medical crisis in the district. At Laxmi Vidyapeeth located in the Valsad district, our trust accommodated over 146 migrant workers with 3 meals a day for a month until they were safely transported to their respective districts. No financial assistance has been sought from any person or organization by the Gajera Trust for the above service.

Our valued employees at Gajera Trust and Laxmi Diamond Pvt. Ltd. volunteered and worked tirelessly in this difficult situation to give back to society.