Societies of Tomorrow Need Educators of Today

“Those who know, do. Those who understand, teach.” Aristotle

Educators have been an integral cultural force since ancient times in the Indian imagination ours being one of the few traditions steeped in storied knowledge. Renowned for its great centres of learning and communal knowledge sharing, the sacred trust between the Educator and Learner, is imbibed in our cultural wisdom.

Understanding Educators

Knowledge is not a currency, but a value. It is not only imparted by the Educator but also nurtured within the Learner through encouragement and collaboration. In the global context, India is now leading the learning curve as the advent of knowledge seekers becomes palpable across a number of major sectors.

Gajera Trust is committed to spearheading this social and cultural shift with knowledge programming that empowers our Educators. Our schools and colleges as well as deep learning systems equip Educators with best-in-class tools for the modern classroom.

Optimized Learning

Optimized for learner abilities, our nature-integrated deployment of Sunita’s Makerspace –embedded in all our schools, is designed to develop learners’ creative and critical thinking without the constraint of regimented rules.

It is this vision, in addition to our futuristic programming pedagogy that has allowed us to navigate the pandemic’s mighty impact on institutional knowledge centres, seamlessly.

Futuristic Pedagogy

At the height of the ongoing pandemic, we were able to conduct specialized webinars for our Educators on mental health-focused preventive measures to cope against COVID-19.

The workshops -designed for pre-primary educators on Storytelling as well as Technical Skills consisted of upskilling and modernizing skill sets based on photoshop, designing, and video editing.

These training modules are created for Educators to re-think, re-evaluate and rejuvenate their knowledge arsenal. One such Initiative is the Case study analysis which consists of Educators deconstructing various learning modules from around the world with the lens of incorporating best practices.

Gratitude Thinking

Educators are catalysts as well as early and critical architects of the leaders of tomorrow. At Gajera Trust, we are aware that the future is informed by the present.

As facilitators, we not only understand this deeply but also hold the resilience and hard work of our Educators in the highest regard. From empowering them to recognising their contributions, we are consistently focused on their well-being.On the auspicious occasion of Guru Purnima, we felicitated all 1,000 of our Educators, or Gurus for their contributions, valour and selfless support of our Learners.

Join us in our vision for an Educator-first mode of collaborative learning. We truly look forward to a better world with you.