The new Millennium has brought in a sea change in the way we live our life – be it personal or professional. The Millennial, as the ones who are born in or after the year 2000 are christened, have developed into a unique lot who have a fresh and varied way of looking at things unlike their seniors.Right from Politics to the way the business is carried out has seen a great change in its form and execution. The rapidity with which innovations are taking place, the learning of 21st Century has evolved into the form LEARN <-> UNLEARN. The faster one can unlearn and relearn ensures success in the new Millennium. This adage can be better understood in the arena of Education enumerated below:


The world is moving toward skill-driven society and to secure place in the future for our kids, we also focus on skill-based learning by providing research-based projects into our education. By this we provide a basis to develop skills of evaluation and analysis. We provided a platform to our students where they exhibited their inner talent and imagined for the unseen future.



We provide our learners to exhibit an ability and openness to communicate with unfamiliar cultures and ideas. We conduct open discussions and experiences such as debate, ad making competition, field trip etc that can help them feel comfortable communicating with others.


In the current scenario of education institutions, Multimedia has overcome the barriers of time and space and provides evidence to be accepted as an anytime and anywhere tool for educating multi-disciplinary masses. We provide an education using Multimedia such as Google Classroom and Google Meet to present information in many exciting ways by combining hypermedia techniques with instruction.


WE believe in child- centered learning. by making it joyful, challenging and engaging. We encourage the students to spend at least some portion of their day working on personalized learning tasks where they explore their interest. Our learners also work on addressing competencies or skills and do so at their own pace.
Our Commerce learners prepared research-based project on the theme of change in business environment under the guidance of Commerce educators where they did PESTL ANALYSIS to understand the changes that occurred due to COVID – 19 in business and service sectors.

Value Based Understanding

It is an approach to teaching that works with values. It creates a strong environment that enhances academic achievement and develops learners’ social relationship skills that last throughout their lives. It is achieved through the positive values modelled by the educators and staff throughout the school. The values promoted and following by the school support the development of the child as a reflective learner within a calm, caring, happy and purposeful atmosphere.

 Deeper Learning: Deeper learning is an umbrella term for the skills and knowledge that students must possess to succeed in 21st Century jobs and civic life.
The Deeper Leaning Framework includes 6 core competencies:
 1. Master core academic content
 2. Think critically and solve complex problems 
3. Work collaboratively 
4. Communicate effectively
5. Learn how to learn 
6. Develop academic mindset

These are the technical aspects but the new generation possess and envisage a Broader Outlook even in the way the life is lived. The following points will drive home the point.

  • Finding flow in everything that is done, remaining active

  • Taking it slow, and not to worry

  • Cultivating good habits, including good nutrition

  • Nurturing good friendship

  • Living an unhurried life and taking up to Gym

  • Being optimistic and smiling a lot

  • Reconnecting with nature

  • Giving thanks and having resilience

  • Cherishing happy moments / imperfections of life

The Government of India has also braced up unveiling NEP-2020 to incorporate the elements of KSA – Knowledge + Skill + Abilities.

To conclude, the 21st Century learning has Growth Mindset at the core. The Growth Mindset which is a belief that one can learn more and become smarter if one works hard and perseveres.